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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Platelet rich plasma is a supra-physiologic concentration of blood cells important in healing including plasma, platelets and growth factors. Platelets normally circulate within the bloodstream and are responsible for blood clotting and initiating a healing response in an acute injury. Growth factors are chemicals that signal the body to initiate a healing response and rebuild damaged tissue. Many acute injuries do not heal adequately and can lead to chronic pain and loss of function of the injured area. Platelet rich plasma therapy allows us to harvest your own platelets and re-inject those platelets into the site of the injury to promote healing and improve function. PRP injections to stimulate and optimize your body’s ability to heal acute injuries and chronic damage. PRP can naturally treat and heal the underlying cause of a painful condition rather than masking the symptoms. PRP stimulates and accelerates your own body’s natural ability to heal itself.